Combining Top Notch Analog
and Digital Equipment

Selected by Evolution

Mastering Equipment

  • Manley Variable Mu, Valve Compressor
  • Foote Control Systems, VCA Compressor P3S – Mastering Edition
  • Avalon Design, AD 2055 Class A Equalizer, modified
  • Avenson Audio, Mid-Side R, Sum & Difference Matrix
  • Overstayer, M-A-S Mastering Version
  • Crane Song, HEDD 192Khz DAAD & Harmonic Enhancer
  • Dedicated Digital Mastering Tools on Apple DAW
  • Cabling by Mogami and Vovox
  • Power Conditioning by TMR

Monitoring & Acoustics

  • Mo Stern Custom Monitoring System
  • Oppo PM-1 Magneto-Planar Headphones
  • Sennheiser HD650 Reference Headphones
  • JBL L80t Big, vintage sound in our audition room
  • Mo Stern Acoustic supervision and installations
  • Bass Traps Kiss Your Ears

Mastering Console

  • Design by Tränkner & Badenhoop