Audio Restauration

We restore and/or remaster audio – recorded onto magnetic, vinyl and digital media:

Film & music, archives, record collections, documentaries or podcasts

General handling includes
Initial analysis & feedback
Dedicated processing, standard or forensic.
Final feedback or revision

The audio restoration process includes
Medium cleaning, intelligent removal of noise and artifacts, track cleaning, enhancement

The remastering process includes
Digital Mastering of Stereo, dual-mono, mono-mixes in various broadcast standards – depending on your tech-specs.

Get in touch!
We will analyse your audio and send you a detailed offer and expertise on possible restoration
to meet your budget and expectations.

Hourly Rates (Standard): € 35,—
Please ask for package deals
Forensic quality: Please ask for rates and handling

Pro Tools
Izotope RX 7 PPS
Waves Diamond