Dedicated Audio Mastering since 1993

When it comes to professional audio mastering, look no further than Grammy nominated (2019) Cem Oral.

Cem combines his vast work experience with a personal love of music, plus a keen ear for detail. Cem’s wide selection of optimized analog and digital gear offers a hybrid method, guaranteeing the client pristine and unrivaled results for any genre. What’s more, Jammin Masters is accessibly located in the creative heart of Berlin; the neighborhood of Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain.


Mastering Rates &
Additional Services

The mastering process includes:

Preparation, analog and digital sound-, dynamic- and stereo image processing, digital editing, vinyl-ready-masters, sum & difference (M/S).

Mastering Rates

  • 89€ each track & 2 free revisions (+ tax)
  • 35€ each track (+ tax) available to artists without any kind of sponsor or label. A minimum of two tracks per order is required

Additional Services (35€/hour + tax)

  • Mastering, that exceed “average” processing time
  • Revisions (discounted services)
  • Stem-mastering
  • Mix-Mastering
  • Analog Tape Transfers, 1″, 1/2″, 1/4″, all speeds. add material cost
  • Compiling and Authoring


  • We support EBU R-128 by request


  • Jammin Masters is listed as partner for Native Instruments for “STEMS”


  • ADM-licensed Mastering Engineer (Apple Digital Masters)